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     GV Terassen

    Grape variety: 100% Grüner Veltliner
    Origin: Lower Austria
    Soli: Primary rock and loess
    ABV: 12.5
    Ac: 7,1‰
    1,0 g/l
    Ageing potential: 2020

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    Grüner Veltliner
    Terassen 2017

    Yellow with green undertones, fresh apple aroma with delicate citrus notes in the nose, a pleasant peppery spice with stimulating fruit on the tongue. A perfect drinking experience for many occasions.

    Production of the wine
    The grapes are picked by hand and brought to the press house in perfect condition in stackable crates, destemmed, and pressed with light pressure. The clarified must flows from the four-storey press house into the natural cellar without the use of pumps, and is slowly fermented in cooled stainless steel tanks at approx. 18°C, first and foremost to convey the delicate aromas and flavours. The fine fruit is highlighted through aging in a steel tank.

    Serving suggestions
    Goes well with starters, poultry, salads and white meats – whether
    grilled, roasted, or breaded and fried. Also accompanies vegetable dishes and stews very well.

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