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    Grape variety: Sauvignon Blanc
    Soil: Gföhler gneiss
    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Sauvignon Blanc 2020

    Sauvignon Blanc is exotic at our winery, but feels very comfortable in the cool Kamptal climate. Youthful fragrance play with various fruit contents; varietal typical elderflower, gooseberry and currant aromas throughout the palate and piquant fruit texture. Above all, the lively fruit acidity has a very animating effect.
    The grapes for our Sauvignon Blanc come from a small, high-altitude parcel on the edge of the forest. Here, the gneiss rock is covered with a thin layer of brown earth. The vine roots have to get through the rock cracks and crevices millimeters at a time to reach water and nutrients. This promotes the mineral character of the wine, which is excellently supported by the fine elderberry-gooseberry aroma. The location of the vineyard, with a clear southern exposure, allows the sun's rays to fall on the vines at the optimal angle, while at the same time the site is perfectly protected from the north by a dense pine forest from winds that are too cold.

    Making of the wine
    The physiologically ripe grapes were harvested by hand in several passages and cold macerated overnight (maceration time). The slow fermentation in stainless steel tanks supports the Sauvignon-aroma spectrum. The subsequent maturation on its fine lees gives the wine elegance and complexity.

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