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    Grape variety: 100 % Sankt Laurent
    Origin: Lower Austria
    Soil: calcareous loess soil
    ABV: 12.5 % vol
    Ac: 5.9 ‰
    RS: 1.0 g/l
    Ageing potential: 2029

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    St. Laurent Jungle 2018

    Background and origin
    In Langenlois an old Sankt Laurent vineyard grows, the appellation is called Ried Hasel. The old man who had planted and looked after the vineyard 50 years ago passed away leaving no one to care for it. The vineyard was no longer pruned, and the vines grew in all directions. No tractor had ploughed through the soil in a long time which meant that the shoots remained very small allowing other plants and grasses between the vines grow as high as the vines themselves.

    We observed the vineyard from spring to autumn and tried to contact the old man's family to ask if we could cultivate the vineyard. There was no response and the vineyard was left completely to the wild.

    We watched how nature took its turn and noticed how slowly fungal diseases spread over the leaves. What was astonishing and hardly explainable was that in mid-September healthy and balanced berries hung on the vines. Without further ado, we decided to "steal" the grapes before the birds did. As in the jungle, we had to work our way through the undergrowth to look for the ripe grapes. This is how the wine got its name, Jungle.

    In the meantime, we were able to buy the plot of vineyard and cultivate it organically. Since 2015 there is once again a bottled single varietal St. Laurent wine available at the Jurtschitsch winery. Most of the grapes were fermented as whole bunches and then matured in used Austrian oak barrels. The wine was left on the yeast for over a year before it was bottled without filtration.

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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch