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    Grape variety: Riesling
    Site: Zöbinger Heiligenstein
    Erste Lage
    Zöbing Permian rock, desert sandstone
    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Taste of Patience

    Impatience fuels us, but patience is what ultimately leads us to our goal. It all began over 10 years ago on the eastern and western sides of the Heiligenstein vineyard. Ancient, abandoned vineyards spoke of another life. Working only by hand, we revived and restored them to their original state, as if molding a million-year-old stone without disturbing it at its core. Heiligenstein has since come to encapsulate the idea of all that was and all that can be. More than 10 years later, we have poured this notion into one bottle of wine. It's taken time, but so do all good things in life - past, present, and future.
    We look forward to all that Heiligenstein has to offer, from its ancient terraces to its narrow vine rows, and to what we believe the future will bring. We can't wait to share it and taste it with you.

    Stefanie und Alwin Jurtschitsch

    The wooden case includes:

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    «Ein Sommer am Heiligenstein»
    Unser Kurzfilm zum Thema Wein...
    Aber Vorsicht, in Full HD!
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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch