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    The vintage 2023

    2023 started dry and cool, and when walking through the vineyards, it seemed like they were in no hurry. With the first rainfall in April, life quickly returned to the vines, and nature began to unfold. The grape blossoms were delayed this year, and the progression strongly reminded us of the magnificent vintage of 2021. As slow as the vegetation period began, the sun and clouds alternated rapidly in the following months until it became hot and dry in July. The Kamptal and Danube regions were spared from the heavy August storms in the southern wine regions, allowing the grapes to ripen harmoniously.

    In fantastic weather, we joyfully started the sparkling wine harvest for our Blanc de Blancs on September 6th. As the sky darkened over Langenlois on the afternoon of September 13th, we held our breath: a hailstorm hit some of our vineyards. Some plots had to be harvested immediately; in others, our experienced harvesting team carefully selected the damaged grapes with their nimble fingers. Fortunately, the sun returned the next day, and the warmest September in Austria since records began brought very dry weather to the Kamptal, allowing the hail damage to dry out. Looking back, we got away with a close call.

    The rest of the harvest went like clockwork. A golden autumn with radiant weather allowed us to bring each vineyard plot from Loiserberg to Heiligenstein into the cellar at the optimal time, precisely and punctually. The happy faces while tasting the barrel samples already suggest a magnificent vintage for 2023. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to shaping this vintage.

    We wish you much pleasure with the new vintage.

    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch

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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch