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    The 2020 vintage

    Compared to the past hot and dry few years, 2020 was a truly classic vintage. The winter was mild, the spring dry and the growth of the vineyards proceeded in a slow and steady manner. Our sheep were content as they were allowed to graze in the vineyards until mid-April just before budding began, they were then moved into their summer quarters. After flowering, the vines (and us too) enjoyed a summer with pleasantly warm, but not too hot temperatures, including more rain than in previous years. All in all the conditions ensured healthy vines; however, they did require lots of hard work. We used the summer, when things had settled down a little, to reflect, to make plans and we adjusted to the rhythm of our leisurely growing vines.

    The Harvest started in mid-September when we and the vines were all relaxed and well rested. During perfect autumn weather we started to harvest the harmoniously ripe grapes for our standard sparkling wines. Sun, wind and the occasional rain showers alternated during the harvest. However, we were able to finish in only six weeks, the end of October, which is extraordinarily fast for us. Leaving us happy and extremely satisfied. A big thank you to the whole Jurtschitsch team! The result is a typical Kamptal vintage, characterized by delicacy, elegance, liveliness and character.

    We hope you enjoy our new vintage!

    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch

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    Stefanie & Alwin Jurtschitsch