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    Varieties: Zweigelt | Pinot Noir | St. Laurent
    Soils: calcareous loamy loess soil / primary rock

    Hand picked grapes from organic farming

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    Mon Rouge

    Under the title "Entdeckungen vom Weingut" (Discoveries from the Winery), special project wines have been vinified and bottled in small quantities at the Jurtschitsch Winery every year since 2007. Each generation of young winemakers has the task of rediscovering their terroir and interpreting it for themselves personally. The only constant is change. This is also true for the terroir. Not only the climate in which our vines grow has changed in recent decades. Sensitive experiments in the vineyard and in the cellar give rise to wines that often surprise us ourselves and sharpen our sensitivity to the manifold expressive possibilities of the Kamptal terroir.

    Making of Mon Rouge

    The intention behind our juicy, enlightening red wine was to vinify a wine with delicacy and sexiness. A red wine with the structure of a white wine - easy, elegant, juicy. With only a short maceration period, the red wine presents itself with a delicate and soft tannin structure. The "house blend" consisting of the traditional Kamptal grape varieties Zweigelt, Pinot Noir & St. Laurent are vinified, together with a portion of whole grapes, into a fruity, light bodied red wine. Skin and pulp give the wine its fine-fruity aroma, which develop further during 18-month of aging in neutral wooden barrels. The taste determines whether a small part of a young, fresh vintage will be added as an assemblage. Two small barrels with Zweigelt out of vintage 2022 finally give our Mon Rouge the desired silkiness & vital tension.

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